Yes, spending a lot on conversions is compromising short-term liquidity, but on the other hand, you cant take it with you. Posted March 2, 2023. early model twinco for part out. By any measure, the Twin Comanche was sleek and sporty compared to the airplane it followed, the dowdy, bulbous-nosed PA-23 Apache. Print Share. We can make the entire acquisition not only seamless but enjoyable. } No corrosion. Posted February 5, 2023. IFR. [9], In the 1970s, the FAA changed its training standards and required flight instructors to obtain a separate rating to teach in multiengine aircraft. Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk and subject to personal verification. Posted February 26, 2023. Browse a wide selection of new and used PIPER TWIN COMANCHE Piston Twin Aircraft for sale near you . Informations sur le produit "Piper Twin Comanche". Piper, which for years manufactured planes in Lock Haven, Pa., but closed all its facilities in Pennsylvania by the early 1980s, also was caught up in the decline, going in and out of bankruptcy. I probably don't have any inventory, however Contact me to check availability. Leather control yoke covers are available for the majority of piston powered single and twin engine aircraft. 1964 Piper Twin Comanche C/R with TAS of 176kn, 200hr since SMOH on both Engines, 200hr soh on props and governors. Yet this is a twin, with all the extra frontal area and drag of two engines. aircraft sales] [engines] to eliminate the repetitive inspections of the factory unit. If the leather cover is equipped with the optional push-to-talk system, a miniature red push-button is installed in the leather, using a molded epoxy resin buildup which houses the button and conforms to the contour of the control yoke. [home] A Lifetime of Aircraft Interior Design and leather craftsmanship, Aircraft Seating, Refinishing, and Design, CESSNA P210, T210, T210L, T210M T210N, 150, 310, 340 and 414. var a=new Image(); a.src=img; return a; So, I did a bit of research and found a little Pennsylvania company called Yoke Up Interiors. Find N8147Y 1966 PIPER TURBO TWIN COMANCHE CR on First $3650! Posted February 28, 2023, IO 320 B1A core NO prop strike includes all accessories been setting 1500 TT Since new $6500, Telephone: We offer fitted hand stitched leather covers for yoke control wheels in black or custom colors with matching or contrast stitching in various weight thread. Author Steve Zaboji is an ATP, CFII, MEI, and Comanche Flyer Foundation/Comanche Pilot Proficiency Program instructor with 12,500 hours. A pilot is always learning and I LOVE to learn. Piper PA24-260C Comanche Pre-Cut Carpet Kit. Century 4000 autopilot Warren Gregoire & Associates Phone: 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094 Fax: 510-597-0421 Copyright 2016. yoke mounted; roll - panel mounted) and manual rudder trim (panel mounted) . Piper Comanche FELLOW COMANCHE OWNERS AND OPERATORS: JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. wants to extend to you an open invitation to stop in at our facilities and look us over. Total Time 3066. Miller Full Conversion, 200HP Clear and clean title Full . We see every airplane in person, meet with the sellers, and come to understand the circumstances driving the sale. Collins, Richard, "What about the Twin Comanche? Seller's instructions: "Must Sell - negotiable". CONTINENTAL, 1966 Piper. We are perfectly comfortable in night and IFR conditions having two engines to quell the concerns about losing an engine. Market Stats. I came into the shop to find three other plane owners looking at the yokes. The paint, engines, and propellers were already whole at the onset of the 18-month upgrade project undertaken by Muncie Aviation. N99AR is a turbonormalized 1969 C model, with 200-horsepower engines, hot props, windshield deice plate, baggage compartment in the nose, nacelle lockers, and eight fuel tanks for 140 gallons (134 usable). The Piper PA-40 Arapaho had been scheduled to replace the PA-39 in the 1973-74 timeframe. - Black or Off-White (Must match Yoke color) Back to Top PIPER - COMANCHE BEFORE AFTER Greg Piehl, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife Debbie, spent three years restoring and upgrading their 1959 Piper Comanche 250. He added a new interior, new avionics, and a number of mechanical upgrades, including speed brakes, new control wheels, high-output alternators, deice boots, relief tubes, and fiberglass repairs. specials*] Browse a wide selection of new and used PIPER TWIN COMANCHE Piston Twin Aircraft for sale near you . contact us for horns, installation kits, horn installations in your Comanche, or PA30-1168 Year: 1966 1966 Piper Twin Comanche PA-30B J.W. Turbo models can be identified by the presence of vents on the nacelle sides. III Century NSD 360 HSI w/ slaving accesory coupled King transponder Both navs are coupled to autopilot The pilot yoke is wired to accept power input . The two rearmost seats, occupying the baggage compartment, are quite small. Info: Aircraft was built in 1969. [2] [3] [4] Development [ edit] // -->